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Srimulyati, Toti (2007) ANALISIS MEKANISME PROSES TERBENTUKNYA KLASTER INDUSTRI KECIL (Kasus Usaha Kecil di Provinsi Sumatera Barat). Working Paper. Universitas Andalas. (Unpublished)

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Small and medium businesses is one form of business that fits developed in Indonesia, particularly in West Sumatra Province. Under conditions of economic crisis that occurred in Indonesia, the small business to survive compared with large businesses (Sandee et al, 2002 in Untari, 2005). Small businesses are able to live alone as an individual and can live in groups by establishing small industrial clusters. Usually these groups are formed by the emergence of similar small businesses in one convenient location. The process of forming these groups can occur naturally, or were created by certain parties, usually governments. The objective this study is to see how a small industrial clusters formed in West Sumatra. These research activities conducted in three stages in which all stages of this research is a comprehensive activity, namely the micro approach, the approach at meso level, macro-level approach. The experiment was conducted in several stages, namely: (1) Methods of data collection, which according to this study is observation and in-depth interviews. (2) method of analysis, which is appropriate is to find a descriptive analysis of the phenomenon and explain why this phenomenon occurs. (3) Method of making a generalization that the conclusions found in the generally accepted conclusion. Results obtained from this study are: Of the seven findings Untari, small industrial clusters formed in West Sumatra caused by (a very prominent): the occurrence of changes in market tastes, the accretion request, availability of skilled workers. Especially for this type of cluster couturier and rattan. In a study of 6 small industrial cluster located in West Sumatra, causing the emergence of the core business (core business pioneer) in a cluster are: (1) because of the skills possessed by the entrepreneur, (2) for continuing the family business, (3 ) because the view that businesses in these locations have a lot of subscribers or purchasers. Of the six small industrial clusters examined, none of which has a sub-contractor. All work is done alone. Sub-contractor does not appear in the cluster because entrepreneurs pursue their own all sub job. Employers only use workers for each type of sub jobs. Marketers is the party that helps to distribute the goods to consumer. Marketers are often not contained in the cluster, because marketers prefer the vote is close to the consumer. So marketers are just coming into the business location to buy and collect the product so was brought to market or to a place closer to the consumer. Many of the benefits and convenience gained by small industries within the cluster compared to the small industrial life individually. Because in general there is a small industry group in West Sumatra has not been shaped cluster of small scale industry, from the role of local government in this case the offices associated with the development of small industries are advised to direct a small industry groups that already exist in order to become a small industry cluster. This can be done by motivating the emergence of supporting industries in the core industry groups that already exist and furnish it with supporting institutions, such as financial institutions, coach or consultant and other support agencies. Key words: small industry cluster, supplier, marketer, sub-contractor

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