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Azwar, Azwar (2009) COMMUNICATION PATERN IN RELATIONSHIP CHANGE AT SUBURB MINANGKABAU COMMUNITY. In: The International Seminar on Communication and Culture in South East Asian Region : ‘Evolution, Development, and Challenge’ (ISCCSR) – at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. The 16-17 rd November 2009.

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Pattern Communications have related to change of social relationship. The Related happened to through a event sustain in the form of action both for conducted by member and also government society itself. Each event have the character of simultan, so that action which is one have implication to other action. Change that happened in society of minangkabau urban is product of process of inskonstitusi custom bear disintegration or weaken it consanquinity tying linkage of custom and blood because order appearance of central government that customary right for land can certificated, its exit the policy of government specify area of Koto Tangah as part of town region. Thereby various town carried over by many this region, existence of resident of comer cannot avoid to remain to nearby its workplace. Later;Then the amount of extended family member which progressively increase to have consequence to provide various requirement of their life. One of the attitude conducted by local people is to look for new place either from wide of facet to effort and also farm. In the end happened social distance either through traditional administrative and also geographical in extended family of them. Its consequence in relationship pattern which and komensalisme of mutualisme and also direct communications become life entitas will shift [at] form of parasitisme indirect communications and. Symbiosis relationship of parasitisme will emerge when the fastener element bothered. If the element not be bothered by hence impressing among them have no blood relation. The social relationship not even happened kinship level of paruik, but also come into consanquinity level of mande. Some family of samande can maintain social relationship have the character of symbiosis of komensalistis because the fastener element not be relied on role of customary right for land and mamak. But the tying lay in contribution given by brother of samande to other you. But the tying also very brittle, because very depend on one of consanquinity brother which either through economics and education. Its meaning their the obligatory one of brother of samande which always give contribution [at] other you which [is] requiring. Otherwise there which have contribution hence each you will try to sell customary right for land without based on with reason of strong custom. This matter peep out social relationship which have the character of symbiosis of parasitis indirect form of communication. Keywords : Social Relationship, Communication Pattern, Minangkabau Community, Kinship System.

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