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Preparation and Evaluation of Herbal Tea and Toothpaste of Mulberry Leaves (Morus alba L.).

Rivai , Harrizul and Wahyuni, Rina and Desni, Yett Rina and Ramdani, Ramdani and Saidah, Fatimah and Asiska, PD and Djamaan, Akmal (2015) Preparation and Evaluation of Herbal Tea and Toothpaste of Mulberry Leaves (Morus alba L.). Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 6 (4). pp. 1672-1677. ISSN 0975-8585

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The objective of this research was to prepare herbal tea and toothpaste of mulberry leaves extract and evaluate anti-dental plaque activities of their preparations. The herbal material of mulberry leaves was successfully prepared by collecting, wet sorting, washing, cutting, dry sorting, packaging and storaging the leaves. Further, the dried mulberry leaves were characterized for macroscopic and microscopic character as well as physicochemical character. The dried mulberry leaves were treated as chopped, grain powder and fine powder to make herbal tea. While the dried mulberry leaves were extracted with ethanol to make viscous extract. The mulberry leaves extract were prepared into toothpaste. The mulberry toothpaste were evaluated and compared their physicochemical properties and antidental plaque to the existing toothpaste. The herbal material of mulberry leaves meet the macroscopic and microscopic properties of Materia Medica Indonesia. The physicochemical properties of dried mulberry leaves were as follow: water content 9.36  0.34 %, total ash content 11.04  0.91 %, acid insoluble ash content 3.77  0.10 %, water soluble extract 16.25  0.21 % and ethanol soluble extract 12.45  0.48 %. The herbal tea of mulberry leaves meet the green tea standard. The extract of mulberry leaves at concentration of 4 % in toothpaste basis has the physicochemical properties as follow: form soft, smell herbal like, homogeneous, pH 7.80  0.18, spreading power 2.84  0.18 cm2/g, froth height 1.02  0.77 cm. The antimicrobial activity of this toothpaste was 21.88  1.21 mm of inhibition power toward dental plaque. The three kind of mulberry tea meet the requirement of green tea. The mulberry leaves extract toothpaste can be successfully prepared by mixing 1, 2, and 4 % of mulberry extract with basis of toothpaste. Formula 3 containing 4 % of mulberry extract has a similar inhibition power to Betle Leaves Extract® and Pepsodent® toothpaste toward dental plaque.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Herbal material, herbal tea, mulberry leaves extract, toothpaste, dental plaque
Subjects: R Medicine > RS Pharmacy and materia medica
Unit atau Lembaga: Fakultas Farmasi
Depositing User: DR Harrizul Rivai
Date Deposited: 19 Nov 2015 03:26
Last Modified: 19 Nov 2015 03:26

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