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Studi Hubungan Karakter Morfologi, Anatomi, Dan Molekuler Terkait Potensi Kadar Katekin Pada Tanaman Gambir ( Uncaria Gambir (Hunter) Roxb)

Ferita, Istano (2011) Studi Hubungan Karakter Morfologi, Anatomi, Dan Molekuler Terkait Potensi Kadar Katekin Pada Tanaman Gambir ( Uncaria Gambir (Hunter) Roxb). -, - (-).

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Research on the relationship between morphology, anatomy, and molecular characters and potency of catechin production on gambier plant (Uncaria gambier (Hunter) Roxb.) was performed during April 2009 to Mey 2011. This research was aimed to identify some characters having tight correlation with the potency catechin production. Whole experiments were conducted in the three stages consisted of collection and selection of gambier population segregating for high and low levels of catechins production, isolation and purification of specific DNA fragments relating to the levels of catechins production, and designing of specific primer combinations associating to the potency for high levels of catechin production. Field studies was carried out at the experimental station of faculty of agriculture Andalas University. Main laboratory analysis was performed at Lab of Biotechnology and Plant Breeding Faculty of agriculture Andalas University. Some additional analysis were done in some labs distributing at Andalas University areas. Morphological and anatomical data collected from observations were analyzed using descriptive methods. Meanwhile data from molecular analysis was accessed by means of Random Amplified Polymorphism DNA (RAPD) technique. Specific RAPD fragmenst linking with catechin production level were further analysis via cloning and sequencing, in order to identify their nucleotide sequences. After performing some sequence analysis and comparing for their homology information some sets of primer pairs were designed. The designed primer pair sets were checked for their compatibility using their original genome and some segregating population. The research concluded that leaf colour particularly red colour indicated tightly link with the levels of catechins production. Finally, a specific primer pair namely Udtg3 (5'-CAGATCCTTTGCCACACTGA-3 ') and Udtg4 (5'-CGTA CCTGCCAA CATAACAG - 3 ') was succesfully designed and could be used as marker for catechin productin level. After testing step with the segregating population using different genetic backgorund the accuracy of the designed primer pair could reach 41,7%. However, this marker could be used in the Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) system for gambir breeding program.

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