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Abbas, Ardi (2010) PENGELOLAAN PASAR NAGARI DI KABUPATEN PADANG PARIAMAN. Jurnal Antropologi, 5 (8). ISSN 1410-8356

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Sub district (people called as nagari) markets are important for economic development in West Sumatera. The important of nagari markets can beeb seen in function as economic institutions;92,3 o/o from total markets rn West Sumatera are nagari markets,and widespread a// over West Sumatera Province. Nagari markets are important for the institution of nagari itself, therefore nagari and nagari markets are componenB that can not be separated from sociocultural structure of Minangkabau culture.This article is part of personal research which intends to explain the coorparation between Padang Pariaman District Government and the nagari markets which are under its superuision. One result of the research is that there exists already an organrzation that is authorized to facilitate that nagari markets, although in this region the nagari markets are still run autonomously by the certain nagarr. This organization which is named Market and Parking District Office has a function to help the District Head to superuise the markets effectively. By Letter of Decision the District Head determinated that mechanism structure of Markets Commission and Superursor include their time of responsibility. District government did not interuene all the nagari decisions especially about superuise of market nagari. Base on economic consideration, there is no useful for District Government from market nagari, but they still superuise (budget also) as an authority such as : (a) market nagari and nagari legitimacy as authonomy region, (b) as part of duU District Government is public seruice of nagari society. As progressing, that written in District Buying Budget Programme about rehabilitate nagari market development especially about budget sharing from market nagan. Also bias about mechanism of taking and giving between aset village to nagari so that have influence superuise market nagari.

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Date Deposited: 23 Jul 2010 04:57
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